Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage offers many benefits to your body as a whole, both physically and mentally.

Here are just some of the leading benefits of massage therapy

From ABMP, the leading massage therapy association in the U.S

  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels
  • Pain relief
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improved concentration
  • Relief for tired and overworked muscles
  • Help control blood pressure
  • Activate immune and lymphatic system

Chronic Pain Relief

One of The Best Known Benefits of Massage Therapy

The American Academy of Pain Medicine report that millions of people suffer from chronic pain annually. Persistent and chronic pain can hinder and affect your day-to-day life. Those suffering from chronic pain will feel aches and pains stemming from an injury, infection or unknown cause, for months or even years. Chronic pain often includes backaches, arthritis pain, persistent headaches, etc. For many the pain can be debilitating and affect your ability to enjoy day-to-day activities. Relief from chronic pain, is just one of the many benefits of massage therapy . Many have found massage therapy to be a great approach to managing their pain.

How Massage Reduces Pain

Overtime, tense, stressed muscles become inflamed and build up toxins. The inflammation and built-up toxins create a blockage that hinders the flow of oxygen rich blood to essential parts of your body. When your blood flow is hindered essential nutrients are not getting to where they need to go and thus contributing to pain and stress. Massage break ups and releases those built-up toxins and gets your blood and oxygen circulating as they should. As your blood flow and circulation begins to increase again your heart and other muscles and arteries in your body begin to benefit. Massage will improve your circulation, increase oxygen levels, and activate the same ‘feel good’ endorphins that you get from working out… The release of endorphins act as a natural pain reliever. The more your body produces those endorphins the quicker it learns how to release them. Regular massage therapy helps your body from building those toxic blockages in the first place and trains your body’s response to them.


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